Return Form
Lactation Connection's Return Form

Lactation Connection Return Form (Print 2 Pages)

Step 1: Fill out Contact/Purchaser Info.

Purchaser Info: Name (as it appears of the receipt): __________________________________________________________Order/Sale Number____________

Billing Address:_________________________________________________________________City________________________ State____ Zip__________

Email________________________________________________________________________________Daytime Phone#______________________________

Shipping Address (If different than above): Name______________________________________________ Daytime Phone#_____________________________

Address_____________________________________________________________________________City___________________ State____ Zip__________

Step 2: (List item (s) and reason for return/exchange.) Not sure if your item is eligible for return? Click here.
Item#/Description Reason Code* Color Size Quantity Price

NOTE: Please inspect your items thoroughly. We do NOT accept returns of soiled or stained clothing. For more information on returns, view our return policies.

*Reason Codes: S - Sizing C - Color W - Wrong Item D - Damaged/Defective B - Not breastfeeding O - Other

Step 3: (Tell us how we can assist you.)

1. I am the original purchaser, please:

____Exchange Item (fill out Step 4 below) ___Email Credit Memo (For returns after 30 days with no exchange.)

____Refund Credit Card - Must be within 30 days of date on receipt to original credit card. (fill out Step 5 below)

____Order was paid with Paypal using email__________________________________________________________. This email will be used to refund if eligible or invoice if order is more than return.

2. I am returning a gift, please send: ___exchange (complete step 4 below) ___ gift certificate for later use

Step 4: (Re-Order Here)
Quantity Description Color Size Price

Remember, shipping is FREE* on exchange of similar items so you can get another size or style. *Excludes heavy items or if free shipping was given on previous order.

Step 5: (Method of Payment)

Refund or Charge Card # __ __ __ __-__ __ __ __- __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ Expiration Date__ __ /__ __ CVV__ ___ ___ ___

I have read and understand the return policies found on the website: X______________________________________ Signature Required

We will not process returns or exchanges without your signature. Thank you!

Step 6: (Mailing/Shipping Label)

1. Enclose this return form and a copy of your receipt.

2. Apply correct postage or ship by UPS or FedEx.

3. Choose and apply one of the following address labels. Choose the PO Box for US Postal Service shipments. Choose the physical address for UPS or FedEx shipments.*

*We are not responsible for refunds of returns not received.

4. Please make sure you include this return form as returns without signature are not processed. Thank you!

Lactation Connection Returns Dept.

15036 CR 156

Bluff Dale, TX 76433

Lactation Connection Returns Dept.

PO Box 265

Bluff Dale, TX 76433-0265

Questions? Call 254-728-3627 or click here to view return policy.