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Breastfeeding Scarf & Nursing Covers
Nursing covers offer discreet nursing when you are out and about. Breastfeeding in public has never been easier than with a nursing scarf! Our flat rate shipping is $6 and orders over $89 ship free so it's easy get the breastfeeding supplies you need!
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Black Nursing Cover
Black Nursing Scarf Convertible Breastfeeding Cover
MSRP: $19.99
Final Sale! $9.99
Savings: $10.00
Euro style scarf easily converts to nursing cover for breastfeeding and pumping privacy!
There is an ongoing debate in the breastfeeding community about covering up while breastfeeding.  Many lactivists insist on nursing without a cover.  Others may even be rude to a nursing mother who is nursing in public.  A cover is a personal choice.  Nursing in public may be more comfortable to you while you are learning to latch on discreetly with a nursing cover.  Once you and your baby learn to latch well, a nursing top or other discreet top may work for you.  If you are in a group of women, it is actually helpful to nurse without a cover so that other women can learn from you.  One of the reasons our society has a difficult time with the early days of breastfeeding is that we have never seen it done. If you choose to cover, a nursing scarf makes an excellent nursing cover because they offer fashion mixed with function! So cover, don't cover.  It is up to you!  Do whatever makes you, not just others feel comfortable. After all, the more comfortable you are, the longer you will breastfeed!