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Hygeia Breast Pumps
Hygeia's breast pumps are designed to improve the breastfeeding experience for mom. That’s why Hygeia designed a C.A.R.E (Custom Audio Recording Experience) button that enables moms to record her baby’s coos or cries or even music to playback during pumping. This auditory experience aids a mother's own milk ejection (let-down) reflex. Hygeia breast pumps are designed to be reused when each mother is using her own Hygeia Personal Accessory Set making it a green choice, helping foster a better environment for breastfeeding. Lactation Connection is a DME breast pump supplier. The EnJoye LBI model offers the only lithium ion battery breast pump on the market today. For moms who travel, this is the best option for optimal power while you pump anywhere. Your FLEX health care spending account credit cards work here! Your entire order ships free with the Purchase of a Hygeia EnJoye or EnDeare breast pump.