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Bailey Breast Pump Parts
Bailey Nurture III Breast Pump parts exclusively available here including essential filters, o-rings and more. We now ship to Puerto Rico! Our flat rate shipping is $6 and orders over $79 receive free shipping!
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Bailey Nurture III Filters Bailey Nurture III Filters

Overflow filters for your Bailey Nurture III breast pump! Replace every 4-6 weeks for best performance.

MSRP: $7.99
Sale Price: $0.99
Savings: $7.00

Bailey Replacement Part Single Cap Bailey Replacement Part Single Cap

Replacement cap for single pumping with Nurture III breast pump!

MSRP: $1.29
Sale Price: $0.99
Savings: $0.30
Pumpin' Pal Air-Dry Breast Pump Accessory Bag Pumpin' Pal Air-Dry Breast Pump Accessory Bag

Air-dry your breast pump collection parts and bottles in this convenient bag!

MSRP: $5.49
Sale Price: $4.99
Savings: $0.50


Not enough suction?
It is unusual for anything to go wrong with the Nurture III motor unless milk gets into it. If the motor turns on and sounds the same as it usually does, the problem is probably somewhere in the collection set. Remember to cover the hole in the purple cap with a finger or thumb to create suction. Be sure that the flange (both flanges for double pumping) is pressed firmly against the breast with no clothing or fabric between your skin and the flange. Always use an o-ring between the flange and bottle. Make sure that all the tubing connections are snug, and that the purple caps and flanges are securely in place. Sometimes it helps to try each side separately; if you get suction in one, but not the other, then you know to look for a problem in the one with no suction. Try taking the bottle off and putting it on again. Make sure the bottle is threaded in very tightly. You'll notice that if you tighten the bottle too much, it will pop off completely. The goal is to tighten it to the point just before it pops off. Turn the purple knob on the motor to the left for more suction. To get full vacuum (suction) there needs to be a gap of almost ΒΌ" between the purple knob and the side of the motor. You'll need to make several turns of the purple knob to get it out far enough. If the purple knob is turned too far to the right, you won't get any suction. If you turn it too far to the left, it will come out, but it can be threaded back in. If the knob comes out and gets lost, the motor will still work, but it will be on full vacuum. Replace the filter. The filter will probably need to be replaced about once every four to six weeks - more often if a bottle spills or gets over-filled.

Not getting enough milk?
Remember that milk production is a function of demand and supply. The more you breastfeed or pump, the more milk you will produce. To maintain your milk supply, you should pump at least once every 2-3 hours that you are separated from your baby. Don't worry if you don't get much milk the first few times you use the pump. Keep practicing, using the techniques suggested in the "Strategies..." section of the instruction manual, and soon you will be able to express more. To increase your milk production, you should breastfeed more, pump more often, or pump and breastfeed at the same time.

Liquid in the tubes or filter?
The water vapor that may develop in the tubes and filter while pumping is not uncommon and it will not harm the pump motor. Disconnect the filter and tubes when you are finished pumping and shake the water out, then store the parts so that air can circulate (not in a plastic bag). If the filter gets really wet, it might take a few hours to dry out. Some women like to use two filters, alternating between them so that each one can dry completely between pumping sessions. To minimize the condensation that develops, keep the collection set parts at room temperature (not in the tote near the ice pack!) and make sure they are dry before you begin pumping. To prevent milk from getting into the filter or short tube, you should: Not overfill the collection bottle(s). Be sure to hold the bottles upright. Use the bottle stands. Do not try to pump into plastic bags with the Nurture III as your suction will be impacted. The purpose of the filter is to keep milk out of the pump motor. The pump should never be used without a filter. If milk gets into the filter, the filter will soon need to be replaced. It is not necessary to replace the filter until you lose suction or dark spots begin to appear in it. If milk gets into the pump motor, the motor will need to be repaired. If milk gets in the short tube, wash it out with warm water when you finish pumping, then rinse, shake the water out, and hang the tube to dry. No milk can get into the long tube if the filter is always used.