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Nursing Pillows

Nursing pillows make a great gift and are a must-have for the nursing mothers. Helps position baby properly at the breast which makes breastfeeding more comfortable for mom. Our selection of fun prints and super soft chenille pillows by Ozark Mountain Kids are not your run of the mill big box store purchase. These boutique quality nursing pillows make a great addition to any room and double as a soft place for baby to learn to sit up. We offer free shipping on orders over $60 so it's easy get the breastfeeding supplies you need. Orders under $60 have a low $6 flat rate shipping fee.
The cross-cradle hold gives you the most control when positioning baby at the breast. A nursing pillow is an effective way of keeping the position once attained. In a proper cross-cradle hold you will hold the baby at the nape of the neck with the hand opposite the breast you are using. Use a proper c-hold on the breast. Sit back in the chair, put your feet up on a stationary footrest. This brings your knees above your hips helping to keep you from the temptation of bringing the breast to the baby. Always bring the baby to the breast. Otherwise you end up with a sore back from improperly leaning into the baby. Latching on in the cross-cradle or any position should be done in a one (1) two (2) motion. Practice the proper latch techniques previously discussed. 1. Swoop the baby in as soon as you see a yawn or cry-wide mouth. 2. Pull your elbow towards your ribs bringing the baby's bottom with it. This draws the baby's bottom close helping him dig in his chin and tilt his head back keeping you from the temptation of pushing the breast tissue away with your thumb. You shouldn't push down with your thumb as it raises the nipple toward the roof of his mouth causing nipple irritation. When using a pillow, remember that it is there to support you while supporting the baby. They are not meant to support the baby without your help, but nursing pillows are an effective tool to keep mom in the proper position and save her from backache. U-shaped nursing pillows are the most effective at staying in place, but remember they are to be used under the breast, not around the waist.